The Business Lab is an online business school for entrepreneurs in Africa who want to build a profitable and sustainable business.

It is accessible via monthly subscriptions offered in 2 categories: For growing businesses and for established businesses. We offer in-depth, practical and locally relevant knowledge on several aspects of Business. The goal is to build an eco-system of thriving entrepreneurs out of Africa who succeed despite the odds and harsh business clime.

Before institutionalizing the Business Lab Africa, our founder TriciaBiz has succeeded in training over 20,000 entrepreneurs across 10 countries. We are guaranteed to help you fast track business growth and we would be honoured to work with you too.

Who is Business Lab Africa for?

The Business Lab will save students years of expensive trial and error as it is practical, in-depth and teaches region applicable strategies for doing business in Africa. The lab is for ambitious business owners who want to make a difference and grow their businesses significantly.

In the Lab, we will serve 2 types of businesses:

  • Growing 
  • Established 

Every month the Lab will focus on 1 subject area for each type of business and provide in-depth trainings with TriciaBiz and guest experts, alongside worksheets and templates. Our courses in the Lab are well detailed and practical. We don’t promise a simple process or magical results but we can guarantee knowledge that leads to inevitable success. Running a successful business requires intentional effort, consistency and readiness to play the long term game.

We are dynamic:

Everything happens online and you can access the school from anywhere in the world once you are a subscribed member. Every month there is a topic of focus for the 2 subscription plans available (Growing business OR Established business)

Students enrol in the plan of their choice and get access to recorded videos on the topic, Live classes, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and Fun Sheets guaranteed to give value for investment. Students will also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Lab(ers) and Facilitators online.