An online business school
in Africa for Africans.

Guaranteed to help you fast track business growth.


An online business school in Africa for Africans.

Guaranteed to help you fast track business growth.

We are an online learning platform offering a wide range of business courses for the African Entrepreneurs. Our goal is to be part of the learning journey of 1million businesses by 2030.

One of major challenges faced by businesses in the African clime include a lack of relevant and critical business and management skills. Entrepreneurs have a limited pool of options to choose from and in most cases the available trainings are Expensive, not relevant to emerging African markets or not provided in convenient formats (offline only)

To solve these and improve the quality of Entrepreneurship on the continent, we launched BLA, for we believe learning should be readily accessible, affordable, practical and tailored to the needs of the learners thus empowering the businesses and the African continent.

Our Vision

We envision:

  • A time where every entrepreneur has access to resourceful content to build, grow, scale and build sustainable businesses out of Africa.
  • Improving Lives through learning.
  • A continent bursting with ample jobs for her people.

Our Mission

Business Lab Africa’s mission is to provide learners with access to high-quality, locally relevant and affordable business education that:

  • Prepares them for success and scalability.
  • Builds thriving businesses to enable creation of quality jobs


Our Approach

To provide wholistic learning, BLA brings three critical learning components together in the online school


Instructor Learning

We offer a wide range of courses centred on driving growth and scalability for businesses. Our courses are delivered by experts from around the world, well versed in their subject areas using recorded videos and live classes, giving learners an opportunity to ask questions to improve the learning outcome.



We employ the use of Case studies, teaching content and skills using real-world case studies to show the application of a theory or concept to real situations.


Peer-to-Peer Learning

Within the online community we hope to drive dialogue by getting learners to interact with each other and network among their peers. This also builds on the belief that to teach is to learn twice. Our online community is led by Champion Learners who drive the online discussions.

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