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I took my business from POINT A to POINT B after taking the school’s accountability course. Mybusiness is now doing better with an incredible increment in my monthly sales and profits. Before now, I was struggling with identifying who my target audiences were but after the class I was not only able to identify who my audiences were, I also converted them to buying audience. I have also worked on more collaboration to help grow my law chamber.

Barr. Amaka Ezeala


Sales have been great since I took the digital marketing workshop. I went from low sales to becoming over-booked. I applied a small fraction of what was taught in the digital and compelling ads course and this has given my business so much visibility. The coach is an expertise in her field, her coaching method she is very practical and applicable.

Leather Wear Company


My team members and I attended the last course in December 2018 that dealt with pricing and strategy, and it opened my eyes to some of our premium products and how much we were losing by not giving it attention.

After attending the Pricing class, we realized that as a premium brand, we had to make more profit than we were making, this led us to increase our prices by 20% in the month of April 2019, we now generate a higher net profit because of this increase.

We also attended the Sales and Marketing class and found out that a particular product was giving us so much revenue and we had to place it in the front burner. We started producing more of it, and it has helped us increase our turnover. Also at that class, we came up with a strategy for product development in 2019. I have been going back to my notes from that class and we are right on course with the strategies we came up with after that class.

Tracy Uwom
Saint Tracy

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