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Strategic Marketing


About this Business Process and Structure Course

Marketing plans are only as effective as the ROI they produce- and this is achieved when marketing reaches the target audience and provokes the desired reaction. Marketing can be successful when you use an effective methodology called Strategic Marketing.

What You Will Learn

SM 101 – Marketing Strategy
SM 102 – Channel Marketing and Measuring Marketing Metrics
SM 103 – Consumer Buying Journey
SM 104 – Promotions Strategy

Who Is Eligible for This Course

This course is well suited for Entrepreneurs who have business ideas, business plans or those who have Startup/Established businesses. You’ll be learning;

Course Participation

All modules are completed 100% online. Students should have the expectation to commit a period of time on a weekly basis to this course. The Minimum expectation of an entrepreneur is to demonstrate some dedication.

On average, students can expect to spend up to 5 hours (or less) per week on course related work. This time is spent on a minimum of the following activities: reviewing module content, conducting research when needed and preparing questions.

Once enrolled, you will receive your learnings through these methods:

  • Recorded Videos
  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Text Transcriptions
  • Live Classes – This is held online to serve as a refresher class and Q & A.

BLA Policies

  • No Refunds – Once payments are made, we do not do refunds except for cases where there’s a double payment.
  • Once enrolled, you have access to the materials only for 1 month.

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